Playground Chips

Elkhorn Mulch & Mill's engineered wood fiber products are made from 100% recycled virgin log wood and are sold at manufacturer direct pricing.




IPEMA Certified Playground Chips - $32 per cubic yard
Elkhorn Safe Surface - $22 per cubic yard
$4.00 per cubic yard discount when ordering 10+ Cubic Yards (discount taken automatically in Cart)

Online Ordering, Payment, and Delivery available!

Delivery can be added from the Buy Buttons on this page and is a flat $50 fee for locations within 20 miles of our address (listed at the bottom of this page). Delivery locations 20-30 miles from our site are $60. Our full cubic yard scoops and low-priced delivery makes this the best deal available!

IPEMA Certified Playground Chips

Elkhorn IPEMA Certified Playground Chips are made using pure, all-natural hardwood and are manufactured to adhere to IPEMA guidelines to help ensure a safe playground environment. This product passes annual testing for impact abatement, wood sizing, and contaminants. IPEMA is the only certification that ensures third party testing of playground material for quality assurance and safety.

Elkhorn Safe Surface

100% fresh log wood that's contaminant free and refined through a 3" grinder screen. This product has a larger average particle size than the IPEMA Certified Playground Chips for enhanced longevity, and is the perfect economy priced alternative for playgrounds and equine applications such as breaking rings, gate entrances, walking paths, etc.

Composted Wood Chips

Our most unrefined product aged to a natural brown and full of nutrients and microorganisms. Composted wood chips can include leaves and sticks and is great for use as rough mulch or as ground covering for large garden areas. Composted wood chips are older and have begun the process of decomposition, making them an ideal low-cost solution to add nutrients and organic matter to your soil.

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