Elkhorn Premium Colored Mulch

Elkhorn Premium Black Mulch


Elkhorn Premium Brown Mulch


Elkhorn Premium Red Mulch


Mulch Prices

1-10 cubic yards: $32 per cubic yard

10+ cubic yards: $28 per cubic yard (Contractor pick-up pricing)

Full 80 cubic yard semi delivery to your site: $25.00 per cubic yard / $2,000 per semi load

Online Ordering, Payment, and Delivery available!

Delivery can be added from the Buy Buttons on this page and is a flat $50 fee for locations within 20 miles of our address (listed at the bottom of this page). Delivery locations 20-30 miles from our site are $60. Our full cubic yard scoops and low-priced delivery makes this the best deal available!

Elkhorn Mulch and Mill is Lexington and Central Kentucky's local premium mulch producer

  • Made from 100% clean "virgin" wood fiber from arborist services - zero pallets or other trash included!
  • All of our landscape mulches are triple ground hardwood mulches and have the same consistency regardless of color
  • Manufacturer direct pricing! No middle man markups.
  • We can deliver any quantity of mulch to your site, statewide
  • Money-Back Guarantee!

Elkhorn Mulch is made from the clean, virgin wood byproduct that our arborist services generate on a daily basis! No forests were harmed making our mulch products!

We make our black and brown premium landscape mulches so that they have the fine and consistent appearance that area landscapers demand, and a variety of particle sizes that add nutrients and organic matter to the soil at varying rates. We never grind pallets or construction wood in with our mulch, so Elkhorn mulch breaks down naturally, mimicking the forest floor in nature. This means that our mulches are unique not only in their aesthetic benefit but also in their benefit to your trees and landscape plants. ISA Certified Arborists approve!

Elkhorn mulch maintains color extremely well - we will put our mulch up against anyones!

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