Elkhorn Mulch and Mill splits and sells finely and consistently sized firewood by the face cord.-- A face cord equals a stack of firewood that is 8' long and 4' high with pieces of wood being 16" long. Most firewood is nicely seasoned, however this may vary by season. We are happy to use a moisture meter to test your firewood before purchase.

If you prefer a single species of wood instead of mixed hardwoods, we keep Ash, Oak, Maple, and Cherry in stock.



Delivery - $50 within 20 miles of our location, does not include stacking

Contact US with questions


Smoking Wood - We also split sticks of wood for smoking, such as pecan, hickory, oak, sugar maple, apple, and pear.
Please check our online store for pricing and availability.
Larger quantities of firewood are available for outdoor wood boiler users or other higher quantity uses. Please call for custom splitting specifications and pricing.

Wholesale firewood quantities are available on a contract basis. Contact Us for pricing and availability.